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Harry is totally dumbfounded Using the information that he's a Wizard, but he needs to get freed from the Actual physical clutches of Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia.  They've got Harry on a ship headed for nowhere and they'd each and every intention of holding Harry from ever attending Hogwarts University.  However, Harry receives supernatural assistance.  A very enormous man quickly seems on the boat, from nowhere, and forcibly gets rid of Harry with the clutches of Uncle Vernon.

  Every single of these was pushing a trunk like Harry's before him -- and they'd an owl." Naturally, Harry understood he was looking at other wizards, pupils like himself on the point of catch the Hogwarts Specific.  He viewed them:

  Snape's curse was damaged, and Harry climbed again on his broom.  Young children looking through this may conclude that it's interesting to throw curses, to use "great magic" to counteract "evil magick", not knowing the occult power on either side is from Satan.  

"Harry felt like Satan's Snare was rooting him to your location ... Petrified, he watched as [Professor] Quirrell achieved up and commenced to unwrap his turban ... Harry would have screamed, but he couldn't produce a audio.

'This ball's called the Quaffle', mentioned Wood. 'The Chasers toss the Quaffle to one another and try and have it as a result of one of the hoops to score a goal.  Ten details when the Quaffle goes by among the list of hoops' ...  [Harry[ 'The Chasers throw the Quaffle and place it with the hoops to score ... So, which is sort of like basketball on broomsticks with 6 hoops, is not it?'

  When Dumbledore clarifies the like of Harry's mother in these conditions, he is pretty much saying that her appreciate was a power that shields Harry Although she's lifeless.  Obviously, the Bible declares this watch nonsense.  When somebody is useless, there is absolutely no drive emanating from their life that guards any individual.

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  Afterwards while in the story, and especially while in the Chamber of Tricks , we discover this ability to talk to snakes is called Parcelmouth, and is amazingly essential within the follow of Black Magick

  Wizard of Oz makes use of a similar strategy: when Dorothy is in her authentic planet in Kansas, the colour is black and white, but when she measures into her Fantasy Reality, the scene explodes in by far the most amazing color.

Rowling couldn't have made a better description of demonic possession by a dark and impressive demon!  Christian mum or dad, is this the sort of factor you need your son or daughter to deliver into their minds?       K.  Satanic Check out of Loss of life -- "All things considered, into the well-structured thoughts, Loss of life is but another excellent experience." [p. 297, 302; Headmaster Dumbledore telling Harry the Satanic perspective of death]  Rather than death currently being an eternal separation from God in Hell as being the Bible teaches, the Satanist thinks in reincarnation.

  This is often the particular New Age doctrine staying taught right here: people today must attract their temporary spiritual daily life from your Christ until the time arrives when their particular person consciousness will likely have been raised a great deal of they can obtain their personalized godhood, and Stay eternally!  This idea is real New Age, is per prophecy, and Rowling depicts it very effectively!

     B.  Phoenix Chook -- In Egyptian mythology, a Phoenix Hen would live for five hundred a long time then die; when it died, its physique would erupt in flames, and become reduced to the pile of ashes.

One thing dazzling was gleaming on the bottom;  they inched closer. It absolutely was the unicorn all ideal, and it was dead. Harry experienced never seen just about anything so lovely and unhappy.  Its extended, slender legs were being stuck out at odd angels wherever it experienced fallen, and its mane was distribute pearly-white on the darkish leaves."

Further, the symbolism here is unbelievable:  since the Unicorn is often a image of the coming Antichrist, this scene implies he gets a fatal wound; doesn't this audio terribly such as prophesied useful reference fatal wound of Antichrist in Revelation 13:three, wherever all the earth goes after the Beast in amazement following He's resurrected from his fatal wound?

      A.  Green -- is Satan's favorite shade. So, we see that the 1 fraternity property thoroughly provided in excess of for the Black Arts, Slytherin, has adopted inexperienced as its coloration.  We see other uses of green during the story line:

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